Breath and mind working together: my third home birth.

Pregnancy is a time in a woman’s life where you become selfless and very vulnerable I mean anything can happen, or if your anything like me you become empowered by the very fact that you are growing a whole new person…I’m gonna talk about this very experience giving birth to my fifth child. It was a well anticipated birth as I was not expecting to have anymore so when it happened I was gonna be in full control of this birth, I mean I’ve had many practice as this was my third home birth, I was gonna go all in with the mood, the tempo and most of all the after birth healing for my self and my .. new bundle of joy.

I had ordered the pool as I wanted a water birth this time, so all was set I had my playlist all set, I had sage the whole house (sage is a dry bundle of sage leaf that you burn and the smoke helps to rid the space of all sort of stale energy, negative and over reactive energy). The night before  my contraction started but I knew it was just the continuation of the Braxton kicks that I had been having for the past few weeks, so nothing to worry too much about as I was burning some Frankincense resin I did notice that the smoke would help to ease the contraction and allowed me to fall asleep ready for the next day.

Her due date was the 18th on a Friday, for some strange reason I thought that it would have been on Wednesday and that she would arrived in the middle of the night. The day is Friday and the contraction started lightly It was then I remembered what I was to endure for the next day and I came into realization that I wanted this pain to stop as soon as I was not gonna drag this at all. I got my husband to set up the pool but he was reluctant being from the Caribbean water is only outside and not in the from room. so around 10 am the contraction where more consistent so I got into the yoga teacher mode and started my breathing control which was really helpful, then they got stronger so I got hold of the frankincense resin and burned it the smoked help to  take the edge off like really takes it off. I then took advantage of calling the midwife to informed of the situation and then was told that my midwife had a holiday on that day and two community midwife were on they way,  so I knew from then that I was on my own as I was not gonna put trust on two random individual , nah my life is not set up that way . Thankfully I was all about mind over matter as long as I was in control of my mind I was fine. Midwife finally arrived about time too I was done dealing with this pain alone I really needed the gas and air.  As the midwife walk through I was in the kitchen on all four and using sound therapy by exhaling with the oo sound in a very high key  which also help to alleviate the pain (well it was helping). So one midwife was setting up while the other was doing check up at the same time my husband was slowly filling up the tube like really taking his time …. with a question mark kind of look. Once the midwife had finished the check it was about noon and she had told me the worst news I was only 1 cm dilated “what!!” I said I mean all this pain and only 1 cm I had to be strategic as I was not gonna spend another 5 hours with such pain no way…to make matters worth I could not go in the water or have gas and air as I was just at the beginning  I could have cried but that was too much wasted energy. 

Right knowing my option I was gonna birth my girl asap so what I then did was to get on all four and rotate my hips, with every contraction I would squat and contract my abdominal muscle… yes it was so painful but with additional breathing control I was set and in a flow of my own… The midwife would ask me question as soon as contraction wold come butt I would ignore her until it was over she would be like “hello Katia are you okay???” like am just birthing my child and am in pain? what do you think? anywho I was on this flow for the next half hour which was amazing I would change position and get into yoga poses like the pigeon pose which is amazing for hip opening, the midwife would be confuse to what I was doing. It worked for me so I was not that bothered on judgement I did go from 5cm to 8cm in a space of 45 minutes yes result… the next 2 cm were really crucial I had my playlist playing  in the back ground children humming, massaging my back on and off. I really zoned within and it really work the midwife checked after 20 minutes and she could see the crown she was in deep shocked as so I was the pain was coming to an end I could finally be me again run, jump and most of all sleep on belly again. I was in a full squat holding onto my sofa seat for balance doing the breath of fire which consist or fast breath in and out through the nose which help to control the pushing and pop went my princess on the flour well my yoga mat followed by a gush of water and all was over finally …. result. the midwife was trying to yank the placenta which I said pls don’t it is very sensitive she offered an injection to make it go fast but I was like no all natural and within few minute it was out. I was having a lotus birth which consist of keeping the placenta until it dry out and pop off all on its own. they were reluctant but go confirmation by the doctor. baby was weight and wiped and given onto my mother so ran up to my bathroom and had a well deserved hot bath which was so well deserved. I was then ready for a brand new journey I had my meal and by 2pm they were all ready and pack up but left after 3pm . what an achievement I really could not have done any better with no form of assistance no pain easer just the breath and the mind working together anything is 1 (5)

Midwife visit and sugar scare……

SO today the midwife visited again as the blood test she took the day before were clouded (what ever that mean). It was really interesting as she had a another midwife and we had a quite interested talk about the cuts the “council ” has done. I mean when I had my son 14 years ago they was not much outlet for new mother to join and interact then i had my daughter 7 years ago the platform was available. Now am having my fifth and they have cut 24 centers and only 7 are left, now that is a big chop they have changes those centers into day care….. so mother have to go to work as soon as they give birth well that is they problem as for me money comes second, bref it was an interesting talk. In truth i saw all that coming so am not really surprised.

Back to my visit am now 6 strong (weeks) to the big day, wow sound so close and you know baby has been so kind to me I’ve been able to sleep at night and stay in a really pleasant space internally. The fact that I am living my true desires i really feel this contentment  within. The midwife was really concern about my sugar intake as the test result was 7.3 which is the highest before it becomes an issue of diabetes, and i don’t really want to have this as an issue so i have to be on a strict diet and no hidden carbs such as Rice, pasta, bread and brown sugar. which i had been doing for some silly reason. I will be having quinoa and couscous with all of my meal instead of rice pasta ect…


This is what I made today really simple and super filling and yes i was really hungry didn’t eat breakfast just in case my test came up too high.

Now that am on the last trimester the baby will be only gaining weight so i must take it easy as i have not put on much weight this time round, i was really conscious of my intake so i have to be really resilient in this last few moment as the issue with diabetes in pregnancy is to do with the size of the baby.

My last Baba was 10 pound !!!! yes all natural birth and yoni return to its usual self again.


12224230_418098125066987_649528735_n(1)  me and my beautiful belly.

So for the next visit she is going to drop the equipment needed for the birth and I was so excited as i will be 36 weeks when that take place so baby will be sort of ripe,.

Am really thanks full for this journey it was really interesting met a lot of people who really were lesson and some were blessing for sure. I learn so much about my self growth the key is to stay in control of your whole self  cause some ppl will come just to confuse you and slow your process a down. This midwife seems really cool and will give me that space to create the perfect atmosphere for the coming of my baba .






Homebirth, Not brave, not crazy just educated

It so true you as a wombman you have the power to be and do what you want, you just have to come out of the matrix, out of the cage, out of this place that makes you think that you have no control of anything in your life.

When I had my first son, i knew i had power to control the birthing experience as i had spend the whole pregnancy watching american documentary about birth, but did not overstood how to achieve it, stand strong in my knowledge and I had allowed outside influence to kinda control the situation.

Fortunately for me i had the best midwife i still remember her name Elizabeth, she was so patient with me and gentle.  I was high on gas and air (love that stuff) does not do much for me it zones me in and help me to deal with the pain and ingnore ppl around me when the contraction take on.

It was a long day and as always when giving birth at the hospital they tend to rush you but with her she was not trying to do that i was in a room it was about 9.30 pm and the light were low, only a side light was on so really cozy. then around 10pm i was really tired and in the end i got injected with panthedime and that was when i lost all control and i tear up really bad she had to stitch me up 4 time on the inside and 4 time on the outside. really painful so i had to keep taking that gas and air. So after that i vows to make sure i was in control 6 years down the line, I had my second child at hospital has at the time they did not have a home birthing team yet. All went well she was born on the 8th of th 8th 2008 and she weight 8 pound 08, very special bebe.

When i was expecting my third i was determine to have my home birth and indeed they had set up a new home birth team and i had a midwife who came to visit all through out the pregnancy which created a strong bond with the family. I had started yoga practice and a my massive exercise ball that helped me be more flexible around the pelvis area. It made the experience really easy and all together from when the midwife arrive to the birth, it took 3 hrs. i had 3 midwife to my self one was playing with my daughter who was 18 months then, a midwife who was massaging me all the way through and the main one who was making sure all was running smoothly. My mother was just mesmerize by the whole experience as she had never experienced such miracle take place at home. my husband was down stairs in the kitchen making a full on Caribbean meal an pumping reggae music in the back ground (such a great vibration) especially when you have gas and air in the system all you can feel is the contraction, your mind and the base and drum from the reggae music. I had natural fruit juice which was so refreshing. She came quick and the sac was still not ripe, as she was entering the world her sac was at the top of her head and then it ripe open so magical. she went straight onto the breast and we waited a while like half hour to birth the placenta. it was really natural birth and organic then we waited few days to wash her. so we wiped her and clothed her and she drifted off to sleep so i cleaned my self up and snuggled into my bed and off to sleep i was. My fourth birth was again smooth fell asleep waiting  for the gas and air so was a little tired, baby pooed in the sac so we had to spend the night at the hospital ans returned home the next day. My fifth birth was way different as i had an unassisted birth where i only used my self determination.

The point here is to create your own environment and not let outside influence program you in such a way that you end up more ill than intended. Many mother die at the hand of surgeon when giving birth only because they were scared off from the beginning and made to panic as the need the process to be quick as the ward were over crowded, the midwife was at the end of her shift and needed to go home.

My view is this unless you about to die from a crazy freak accident one has no business to go hospital period.



Breastfeeding bliss


Seeing this post on my Instagram feed (@CarolRossetti)  was so relevant as my first name is Katia and indeed i have breastfed all my 4 children past 9 month and will do it again with my new bambino as it is a great bonding experience. The thing with my second and third babies i had isolated my self and never realized was for the fact that i did not wanted to feel any form of discomfort while feeding my babies, even if it had never happened but i supposed it was kind of subconscious reaction. With my fourth child i was more active and really went in and fed him on demand. I could be on the london underground, bus, Shop and felt no way. I had never been challenged which i credit my self for having great skills, and not draw attention to my self. I even once had a men who was amazed that i had breastfed and though that i was just rocking my baby to sleep, (i know mind your own business!!!)


me breastfeeding in style you will never know. hehehe

Breastfeeding build this tight bong with mother and child, and you save so much money and time, I mean to start off when baby is first born you do not have to worry about baby colic, (making sure that you eat correct food as some food can cause colic). You can rest not having to wake up in the night and prepare a bottle, the milk is at perfect temperature for baby and not have to worry if you gonna burn baby (true story , not mine). It help you loose your baby weight,  as the baby sucks on the breast it create a special suction to a muscle in the abdomen and helps it to return to it original shape.


I also love wearing my baby as it is superb for multi tasking i mean from when baby is born you wear them you wrap your belly, exercise, breastfeed and still get involve with your other children. Baby will be so calm and have this constant security which is necessary  they growth. Great for breastfeeding in secret.

There are plenty of food you can intake to boost your milk supply such as:

Green leafy veg such as cassava leave (i am Congolese love it), Callaloo, kale ect…

Oats with sesame seed, flax seed




Nuts (Brazilian nut, walnut)

Sea Moss

Herbs such as Fennel, Fenugreek, Ginger, Alfalfa

It is also great for muscle building as you start to move about the house with baby on breast and you will see arm muscle shaping (making sure that you eat the correct food for self preservation)

IT is the best thing you can do for your self as well as baby. I was fortunate that my baby took on the breast naturally but i did mentally prepared my self for this so start with the mind you do have 9 month of preparation mentally and spiritually.

For the one that can not breast feed baby wearing can still establish that bond which is the most important act as a parent.











What I Learned From morning meditation


Selamta Shalom,

Being a wife and mother of 4 soon to be birthing my 5th child

I have a lot on my plate and still goals that i want to achieve, so the i always start my day with meditation some will call it prayer i simply give tankhs for opening my eyes as many did not make such transition

I give tankhs for what surrounds the I my husband,children and most of all my health.

As the I always operate in a trinity state i will move on to yoga movement with music, i love reggae as it has a repetitive tempo that resemble of the human heart beat.

I play some Dezarie (who is a superb reggae artist) i will do my sun salutation to it so it get me stretch and awake my muscle.

Yes all this can take me around 30 minutes.

I finally move on to my breaking of fast fueling the body, this here is really important as you body rely on this nutrition.

A glass of warm lemon water with cayenne and apple cider vinegar with a dash of agave syrup on occasion for when am feeling sweet, then a green smoothie with oatmeal and fruit really do set the day for being productive, happy and loving.

This is my spin to what i learn of Morning meditation it gives you discipline and set your day in the right mind set, you can keep a momentum as it does not take too much of your time.

I have a range of children from teen to toddler it is a must that i be proactive in all aspect of my core self so getting my mind right with gratitude of the minimal things such as health, family, having a roof over my head, goals passion helps me to keep this energy going for to the rest of my day  and motivate my family with it.

How to do a mindful fast

Selamta Shalom,
I have been doing this amazing positive mind fast and i can say that it has been a really great experience.

To be in this consciousness where you have to stay positive even when you get challenged you still have to redirect your mind and view the positive side of this situation. Wow unimaginable!!

So i have incorporated my yoga practice to this fast so in my Instagram i have posted daily picture of yoga poses which has really been helpful to make this fast possible. So my secret is keeping the I self in a trinity state what i mean is mind, body and spirit.

We must be accountable for what we put out and responsible with what we receive so when I get this negative though I am not obliged to respond or react to it. The I is a spirit having a human experience so keeping in the moment is a must.

Having a daily practice is keeping the body, mind and spirit active and with yoga I get to stretch my body and by incorporating the breath it help to bring this state of calmness within and focusing on the movement you get to zone into self by reevaluate your self and even pushing your self to attain pose that you though was impossible which is really important in such time.

The food intake is a must as the emotion is triggered by the state of the mind so drinking warm lemon water 1st thing as you rise will start the digestive system working.  making sure you eat clean will really be helpful as it has been for my self.

To conclude a positive mind-set will open doors to great miracle one must remember that you are the creator of your life no one helps is in control.

The all mighty opens the eyes in the morning, after that you will find that everything else is you that is in charge, gratitude will also help to make this fast a reality the more grateful you are the more greatness you will attract. Here are some of the poses i have to share with you

I was 28 week pregnant in these pictures. And never felt more alive than before considering I was 34 yrs old . It is all in the mind you are the only one that can allow the conditioning to continue.


How My Journey To Holistic Health Has Transformed My Life

Post Image

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When is it time to take responsibility of self ? You are the director of your own reality


I was really trying to be accepted by others and wanted to please them and putting my self last. I would always feel sad and disconnected from my self.

I learn to mentally reconstruct my reality by simply talking my self into thing or out of thing, I had to distant my self from many and visualize the life I wanted, I read many book in health, bible, motivational individual, holistic doctors and video clip, really taking on the wisdom of the information

I am fully in charge of my life I home educate my children,I am a presenter on the only de brain watching  station, I run a really successful business and my mind set has change. I am really happy with the way things have turned out. I have so much energy and able to follow my dream, any ideas that may come up I face them  with no fear at all.


One has to be accountable for all aspect of life you want to free your self from a particular situation it all start with the mind, the inside.

It is possible to start all over, it is an internal journey, no one on the outside can do the change for you. Only within can thing really be permanent.

Gratitude is a must. Remember that some one’s reaction has nothing to do with you only when you become self accountable  will you become considerate of other and most of all your self.

What you put on your skin, what you eat and what you intake in your head (mind) what you read, listen and watch will effect your being so be kind to your self and watch the magic in all part of your life take place.

Pizza with the children

Today  was an exciting day we had a great time at the park and the girls wanted to have pizza and personally I did not want to spend extra money on pizza that would not be to my satisfaction and most of all they option are really limited.

So we decided to make our own.

That way you are sure of the process and not having to wonder what is in the pizza

The ingredient are as simple

Spelt Flour

Dried Yeast

Baking Soda

Coconut oil

Spring water

Tomatoes puree, olive, vegan cheese, mushroom, red onion (all optional)

Pink Himalayan salt


Cayenne Pepper (optional)

Once you have all the ingredient ready,  Start with a packet of yeast and pour it in a bowl of warm water with salt and sugar.

Wait for 10 minute so the yeast can activate and become cloudy .

Once that is done you can start to mix the flour and yeast with oil together and knee the dough for about 5-10 minutes

Leave it to rest for about 20-30 minutes

Once the dough has double in size you can now divide it in two. Take one and knee it to a round shape and then flatten it and using a rolling pin make the shape desired we are doing a square shape.

We grease a big square pan and rolled the pizza base onto it, we poured the tomatoes puree on to the base then added all the red onion, mushroom and top it with vegan cheese.

The oven should be really hot gas 4 or 200 degrees, leave the pizza to cook for about 20-30 minute keeping an eye making sure it become golden brown.

You can repeat with the other dough and make another pizza or even do bread stick.

Either way full joy your home made pizza.

Love you all.

Guilt free cocoa ice cream


This is such a guilt free treat for my children and my self we love it as all the children ranging from 2 to 14 can get involved every step of the way and it take no time to tuck in once ready.
Depending on the size of the family (for me there are five mouth including my self) you will need 2/4 ripe banana cut them in rounds and put them to freeze for few hours or overnight,

then simply get soaked dates about a handful and for this instance we are making cocoa ice cream so cocoa powder blend all the ingredient et voila just like the picture on top a delicious treat that the whole family can enjoy guilt free and it is very nutritious for growing bodies


How to reboot in 24 hrs

Today is a special day!!! as i open my eyes and took a deep breath.
Holding a meditation/prayer of gratitude for the blessing surrounding me.
Am really thank full to live my life so being good to one self by taking the right food intake is a must in these time.
As a mother of 4 soon to give birth to my fifth ranging from teen to toddler i need all the help i can get.
  1. Detox water

    Simply by squeezing 1/2 a lime/lemon, a few dash of apple cider vinegar and a few sprinkle of cayenne pepper with agave syrup (optional)
  2. Sun Salutation (yoga)

    This right here is great for overall body awakening.
  3. Following the movement in the picture below, Making sure that you take deep breath through the nose while doing the first move and excel through the mouth while doing the next move.
  4. You want to ensure you are taking deep breath while focusing on the movement. it will help the blood flow more effective around your body which will produce a more fluid body and better a better mind set.

    sun salutation